- September 1, 2016: Vol. 9 Number 8

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Capital improvements: The U.S. presidential candidates are touting infrastructure investment on the campaign trail, and the country may finally get the infrastructure investment it needs

by Drew Campbell

It’s an election year in the United States and that means candidates are on the road traveling from town to town and region to region bringing voters across the country a message they want to hear — jobs are coming, taxes will be cut, the status quo  will change.

The campaigns for president this year are familiar in many ways but also remarkably different than years past. There is, of course, the circus-like atmosphere that a reality TV personality such as Donald Trump brings to the campaign. But infrastructure investors might have noticed something else that stands out — both candidates are touting infrastructure investment in their campaign proposals.

This is something new. Typically, it’s been the Democrat who will tout infrastructure investment as a way to drive employment and the economy, and with help from public sources of financing. Republicans, on the other hand, have generally remained silent on the subject of infrastructure investment except to give

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