- June 2010 Vol. 3 No. 6

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Book Review: Two New Titles for the Infrastructure Market

by Drew Campbell

The infrastructure investment community has two new books available to help educate and guide participants in the market. Each title is published by Wiley Finance.

The Handbook of Infrastructure Investing

Michael Underhill, author and editor

Underhill has edited and published a well-rounded and insightful collection of essays by leading participants of the infrastructure investment market, including four of his own — Water and Wastewater Infrastructure; Infrastructure and Union Labor: A Match Made in Heaven?; What is Listed Infrastructure?; and Institutional Infrastructure Program Management.

Henry Cisneros, chairman of CityView, writes in the first chapter — America’s Essential Infrastructure: A Key to Competitiveness — “Many societal interactions are based on ideas, abstractions and symbolic or numerical representations. Many modern processes involve information flows, electronic pulses, higher order cognitive exchanges relate

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