- March 1, 2019: Vol. 12, Number 3

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Bipartisanship can still exist: Infrastructure is one area where Republicans and Democrats retain the capacity to work across the aisle

by Michael Likosky

Although Democrats and Republicans are settling into the fact that genuine political antagonisms exist, which may be irreconcilable, most still view infrastructure investment as the core area upon which a foundation of bipartisanship exists. We have compelling reasons, as a result, for taking a bullish view on infrastructure legislation.

All this is very good.

At the same time, three impediments to achieving bipartisan infrastructure legislation in the near term should be addressed because we can easily overcome these impediments. We must, though, not let them leave us in a ditch.

What then are these lines that will soon be drawn in the sand?

1) We will hear ad nausea how a choice must be made between a mega spending bill, on the one hand, and approaches that put private investment to work to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure on the other.

This choice is a false one. We require both approaches.

For instance, even though some structurally

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