A discussion about Brazil's upcoming transmission asset auctions
- December 1, 2020: Vol. 13, Number 11

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A discussion about Brazil’s upcoming transmission asset auctions

by Drew Campbell

Drew Campbell, i3 senior editor, recently discussed Brazil’s upcoming transmission asset auctions, scheduled for Dec. 17, with the country’s electricity regulatory agency, ANEEL.

What is the need for additional transmission lines and substations in Brazil?

The reason for additional transmission lines and substations in Brazil is to aggregate new generators, support energy consumption due to economic growth and enhance power reliability.

What will be some of the benefits of these transmission lines?

They will offer benefits in multiple ways — some of the transmission lines will permit the connections of new wind power generation, green and cheap, and the flow among electricity markets. The major part of the transmission lines and substations will enhance power system delivery quality.

Where are these transmission and substation assets going to be built?

The tra

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