U.S. passenger rail projects finally get some traction
Other - MAY 10, 2023

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U.S. passenger rail projects finally get some traction

by Mike Consol

Nothing says urban Asia or Europe like gleaming, high-performance trains hissing along the rails or magnetic levitation propulsion systems at hundreds of miles per hour and running with clockwork regularity.

Alas, the United States has not been a transportation leader in passenger rail for a long time, let alone set technology standards in the space. But Andy Kunz, founder and president of the US High Speed Rail Association, says major progress is being made on the domestic front. Fueling rail projects are private infrastructure investment dollars and $66 billion in recently approved government funding, the biggest ever federal investment in rail.

Kunz, a recent guest on a Real Assets Adviser podcast, pointed to several projects that promise to advance U.S. rail transportation, such as:

A Brightline West project to establish a rail system running from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. A “fairly advanced” Texas project for passenger rail betwe
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