S2G Ventures bolsters impact measurement & management approach
Investors - MAY 8, 2023

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S2G Ventures bolsters impact measurement & management approach

by Released

S2G Ventures, a multi-stage investment firm focused on the food, agriculture, ocean and clean energy markets, has announced its approach to Impact Measurement & Management (IMM).

S2G has been steadily developing its IMM approach during the past two years and views it as core to providing value for its portfolio companies. The purpose of this approach is to leverage information about the impact of the firm’s work to improve decision-making and engage with others around creating long-lasting, positive, and meaningful change for people and the planet.

S2G is advancing three core IMM practices that are applicable regardless of sector or stage of company:

Design & plan for impact: Identify impact aims, key learning questions and IMM plans Measure & evaluate impact: Collect, document and interpret information to measure and understand impact Learn from impact: Use data and insights to inform decision-making and influence others
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