Transactions - APRIL 27, 2021

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Piñon Midstream to deliver sour gas treatment and carbon-capture facility in New Mexico

by Released

Piñon Midstream has broken ground on its greenfield Dark Horse Sour Gas Treating and Carbon Capture Facility and associated pipeline infrastructure in New Mexico.

Piñon was founded in December 2020 by Steven Green and Justin Bennett in partnership with Black Bay Energy Capital to provide a long-term, economic and environmentally responsible solution to the pervasive sour gas problem that has constrained development in the northeastern Delaware Basin.

The project includes a centralized amine treating facility, an 18,000-foot-deep acid gas sequestration well and 30,000 horsepower of full NACE field compression and is expandable to treat up to 400 million cubic feet of sour gas per day. The Piñon assets are designed to gather and treat natural gas containing any concentration of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, with the ability to deliver treated sweet gas to multiple third-party gas processing plants.

“Our goal is to provide the most creative and cost-eff

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