People - JULY 21, 2014

JPMorgan’s Weisdorf begins transition to new opportunity

by Drew Campbell

Mark Weisdorf, the founder and former CEO and managing director of JPMorgan Asset Management’s Infrastructure Investment Group, has left the firm to pursue a new opportunity in the infrastructure investment sector. Weisdorf, who joined JPMorgan in 2005 to develop and design its infrastructure platform, is departing following a transition that has been in the works for some time.

“Now seemed like a really good time to pass the baton,” Weisdorf says. “I’m very proud of what I have built at JPMorgan, and the changes that I initiated have been realized. The portfolio is well positioned, and I am ready to pursue another opportunity.”

Weisdorf could not comment on the exact nature of his new pursuit but did say it was an independent strategy within the institutional infrastructure investment sector.

JPMorgan’s infrastructure group has had several personnel changes during the past 18 months, including Paul Ryan taking over as CEO of Infrastructure OECD equity and debt in March 2013, and Matt LeBlanc joining the firm in July 2013 as CIO of OECD infrastructure equity. Ryan was previously managing director and co-head of public finance banking at J.P. Morgan’s investment bank.

“The transition is complete, and JPMorgan’s infrastructure platform is in great shape,” Weisdorf says. “There are huge opportunities in the infrastructure space, and I have some exciting thoughts on how to help investors take advantage of them.”




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