Other - OCTOBER 8, 2020

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Continuing the conversation with Clive Lipshitz on Canadian and U.S. public pensions — Part 2

by Drew Campbell

Drew Campbell, senior editor of Institutional Investing in Infrastructure, and Clive Lipshitz, managing partner at Tradewind Interstate Advisors, discuss the Canadian and U.S. public pension systems and Lipshitz’s coauthored study, Public Pension Reform and the 49th Parallel: Lessons from Canada for the U.S., which was recently published in Financial Markets, Institutions & Instruments, which is available here.

The interview is in two parts. Below is Part 2.

Canada’s pensions in the 1980s and early 1990s experienced some of the issues facing U.S. pensions today. Are there some lessons learned from which U.S. plans could benefit?

In many ways the Canadian plans back then were in worse shape than the U.S. plans are today. For example, ass

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