Transactions - OCTOBER 14, 2021

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City of Long Beach, N.Y., seeks vendor for parking management system suite

by Kali Persall

The city of Long Beach, N.Y., is seeking a vendor or vendor team to finance, build and deliver a modern and fully functional Parking Management System Suite (PMSS) in the city.

In 2021, the city developed a draft parking management plan (PMP) to promote parking space turnover and other healthy parking patterns in the city’s CBD. The plan also aims to facilitate a cleaner, safer and more customer-friendly parking environment; encourage economic development and investment in the CBD; and provide a funding source to maintain, improve, beautify and expand the parking system. In addition, the city wants to promote the use of parking apps to collect parking fees and limit the number and use of parking pay kiosks.

The PMSS will consist of five distinct components that will be hosted by the vendor. These include parking meter kiosks; pay-by-app/smartphone; a digital parking-permit management system where a vehicle’s license plate will act as the parking permit; an enforcem

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