BP and Infosys to develop EaaS pilot
Transactions - OCTOBER 28, 2021

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BP and Infosys to develop EaaS pilot

by Kali Persall

Global energy company BP and Infosys, a next-generation digital services and consulting provider, have agreed to develop and pilot an energy as a service (EaaS) solution aimed at helping businesses improve the energy efficiency of infrastructure, and meet decarbonization goals.

The companies will first co-develop a digital platform that collects data from multiple energy assets and uses artificial intelligence to optimize the energy supply and demand for power, heat, cooling and electric vehicle charging. The companies will pilot the digital platform at the Infosys Pune Development Center in Pune, India, in an environment that replicates a small city, where energy is generated, stored and consumed at multiple points.

Following the pilot, they will aim to roll this model out across other Infosys campuses in India, where BP has a century-long business presence, and with some clients.

In addition, the companies have agreed to iterate solar energy production into th

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