Fundraising - OCTOBER 14, 2021

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Actis Energy 5 concludes fundraising at $4.7b

by Kali Persall

The Actis Energy 5 (AE5) fund has concluded fundraising, significantly exceeding its $4 billion target with $4.7 billion of fund commitments and significant co-investment capital.

AE5 garnered re-ups from a variety of investors, such as pension funds, insurance companies, endowments, sovereign wealth funds and other investors from across the globe, as well as new commitments from a high-quality, diversified investor base. Actis Energy said it expects to deploy around $6 billion of investable capital in this vintage.

AE5 will invest in renewable-energy assets, such as wind and solar projects, in emerging markets, primarily in Latin America, Africa and parts of Asia. The fund will allocate capital globally, providing access to power in markets comprising more than 80 percent of the world’s population.


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