A renewable hydrogen market is coming, or is it here already?
Investors - MAY 1, 2023

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A renewable hydrogen market is coming, or is it here already?

by Andrea Zander

Nearly all the hydrogen being produced is from fossil fuels. If we make that hydrogen, which is producing blue and green hydrogen clean, we can eliminate the 1.6 percent of global emissions that it is responsible for. There is a common agreement among lifecycle assessment (LCA) studies that the climate change impact of hydrogen production can be low when produced from certain biogenic resources (wood, agricultural residues, etc.), as well as when produced using water electrolysis powered by low-carbon electricity; for example, from wind and solar sources.

“Electrification will play an important role in reducing dependence on fossils, but in many applications, you need a low-carbon energy vector in liquid or gaseous form, which clean hydrogen offers,” says Amir Sharifi, Ardian’s senior managing director and CIO of Hy24, a fund manager with €2 billion ($2.2 billion) dedicated to clean hydrogen infrastructure investments. “Capital will be needed for a wide range of suc

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