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As the world around us becomes more digital, so does our news delivery. Our video page features interviews with high-profile executives and thought leaders in the industry, as well as previews of IREI events and products. In addition, we seek to provide you with perspective to the broader markets through interviews with prominent authors, economists and researchers.

Media Videos

In Focus: Asieh Mansour on four key trends for 2016

Asieh Mansour, senior advisor at The Townsend Group, identifies and discusses four key trends that will have implications for CRE investing and portfolio exposure.

In Focus: Peter Zabierek on public vs. private

Peter Zabierek, CEO at Presima Inc., discusses public versus private in U.S. real estate markets.

In Focus: Geoffrey Dohrmann with the 2015 recap

Geoffrey Dohrmann, President & CEO, Publisher & Editor-in-chief at Institutional Real Estate, Inc., recaps the commercial real estate market and the happenings at IREI in 2015.

In Focus: Chris Miers on U.S. investor strategies

Chris Miers, consultant at Bard Consulting, discusses how capital from a multitude of sources around the globe that are targeting CRE properties in primary U.S. markets is affecting U.S. institutional investors’ strategies.

In Focus: Drew Ierardi on operator vs. allocator funds

Drew Ierardi, senior portfolio manager, real assets & emerging market strategy, at Exelon Corp., discusses the difference between operator funds versus allocator funds.