Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

October 1, 2023: Vol. 16, Number 9

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Power struggle: Rivalry between U.S. and China taken to ocean depths

Until recently, American companies dominated this critical area of communications infrastructure — all 900,000 miles of them, snaking across ocean floors, serving as the internet’s circulatory system, transporting the world’s data, communications, financial transactions, and even military and diplomatic traffic. China has now entered the business, with a $500 million program to link communications between Asia, the Middle East and Europe.


To boldly go: Rural and underserved locations are in desperate need of broadband services

According to the Federal Communications Commission, 22.3 percent of Americans in rural areas and 27.7 percent of Americans in tribal lands lack coverage from fixed terrestrial broadband. In Canada, an astounding 65.2 percent of First Nations reserves do not have access to universal service of 50 megabits per second download or 10 Mbps upload speeds. This remains both a challenge and an opportunity for infrastructure investment.

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