Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

December 2011: Vol. 4, Number 11

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The Money Talks: The 2011 I3 Editorial Advisory Board Meeting Focuses on the Investor

The 2011 Editorial Advisory Board of Institutional Investing in Infrastructure (I3) met in Chicago Nov. 9–10 following the Institutional Investing in Infrastructure conference Nov. 8–9 to discuss the challenges that face participants in this market. The meeting offers board members the opportunity to communicate openly about the relationship between LPs and GPs and consultants, as well as how these groups can better partner to manage infrastructure investments and collectively meet their investment objectives. The discussion also helps develop the I3 editorial calendar for the year ahead, and the mix of organizations and geographies present at the meeting provided for a broad and in-depth discussion on a range of topics. 


A Conversation with Chris Faulkner

Chris Faulkner is CEO of Breitling Oil and Gas, an Irving, Texas–based petroleum and natural gas exploration and extraction company founded in October 2004. Breitling extracts and develops onshore oil and natural gas and is currently in the process of drilling several wells in Oklahoma. Institutional Investing in Infrastructure contributing editor Tyson Freeman spoke with Faulkner about what drives the market for natural gas infrastructure, drilling and exploration. 

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