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In Focus: Jamie Storrow on mid-market infrastructure

Jamie Storrow, managing director and co-head of infrastructure at Northleaf Capital Partners, discusses mid-market infrastructure investing, how mid-market infrastructure investing differs from the large-cap part of the market, how to find good deals in the mid-market and more. (07/2018)

The Dohrmann Report: A report from VIP Infrastructure

Geoffrey Dohrmann, founder and CEO of Institutional Real Estate Inc., talks about the state of infrastructure investing on the heels of VIP Infrastructure (formerly known as Institutional Investing in Infrastructure) in Toronto, which brought together those actively — or contemplating — investing in the infrastructure asset class. (07/2018)

Infrastructure Report: Investors beware of style drift by assets managers

What is style drift, why does it happen to infrastructure asset managers and how can investors protect against it? Peter Hobbs, managing director of private markets in the London office of bfinance, joins us to discuss the topic, based on the Rethinking Real Assets report he co-authored. To access the report, use this link: (06/2018)

In Focus: Alex Darden on major trends in the shipping industry (Part 3)

Alex Darden, partner and head of U.S. infrastructure at EQT Partners, discusses how the U.S. production profile is changing the development of liquid terminals and how bulk liquid trade will impact development of terminal and logistics investments in part three of a three-part video series. (05/2018)
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