Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

July 1, 2023: Vol. 16, Number 7

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Longer-term trends: Lessons and challenges for infrastructure investors

Infrastructure investing has seen a remarkable development in the past 20 years. Low volatility and stable cash flows have made infrastructure the place to be for many investors. This raises two questions: Can infrastructure investments deliver what they promise? And as traditional infrastructure is changing fast, how can investors adapt?


Quality of the room: High-caliber conversations and connections drive value for industry players

When I started in 2018, there seemed to be something different about our infrastructure clientele. We had six publication sponsors then, and we are up to 25 today. The growth of the platform was managed well, so we could grow at a solid pace while not losing sight of our mission or compromising our value. But what was it that was different? The answer was obvious: the quality of the room.

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