Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

January 1, 2018: Vol. 11, Number 1

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European Investment Bank JV launches second pan-European infrastructure fund: Continues energy and climate investment of predecessor

Europe’s leading National Promotional Banks and European Investment Bank have launched Marguerite II, a pan-European infrastructure fund with total commitments in excess of €700 million ($833 million), ensuring continued support to key infrastructure investments in renewables, energy, transport and digital infrastructure by the Marguerite platform.


The road ahead: Infrastructure investing issues and trends for 2018

A decade ago the nascent infrastructure market struggled to be taken seriously as an asset class. Those days are over. As we enter 2018, infrastructure market activity revolves around addressing the challenges of fundraising success. Limited partner investors have continued to allocate significant capital to infrastructure, creating an investment bottleneck of sorts. Too many commitments, not enough capital invested.


How to invest in infrastructure: An introduction to the asset class

Infrastructure offers a unique category of investment opportunities that can share characteristics of private equity, public equity and real estate investments. Most of the investment opportunity in economic infrastructure focuses on transportation and utility infrastructure assets, including existing brownfield assets and the development of new greenfield projects.


A Conversation with Jenine Hulsmann: with Drew Campbell

The U.K. government has published proposals to strengthen its powers to review, and potentially block or unwind, investments on national security grounds. The impacts for infrastructure assets and projects can be significant. What should investors and investment managers know about this process and how to manage it going forward? i3 senior editor Drew Campbell, asked Jenine Hulsmann, partner, Clifford Chance, about the firm’s recent report — U.K. reviews national security impact of foreign investment.


Succeeding within the world’s largest emerging market: Infrastructure policy works its way to the fore

We all might be forgiven for assuming that infrastructure is off the radar in Washington. In fact, members of Congress, the White House and federal agencies are hard at work right now on the infrastructure front. More than 50 pieces of legislation advancing infrastructure programs, including public-private partnerships, have been introduced into Congress. Many of these bills are bipartisan. The White House will soon issue a document to guide Congress.

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