- May 1, 2019: Vol. 12, Number 5

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The global listed infrastructure report: Essential news and notes

by Fraser Hughes

The following report reviews highlights of some of the events and trends affecting global listed infrastructure companies in recent months. The Global Listed Infrastructure Organisation’s (GLIO) coverage of core infrastructure companies displays a rolling one-year performance (March to March) of 12.1 percent, with the telecom infrastructure (27.2 percent) and energy transportation (20.3 percent) sectors leading the way. Long-term U.S.-dollar annualized total return (15 years) for global listed infrastructure is 10.8 percent versus 7.5 percent for global equities. Listed infrastructure achieves this with approximately 300 basis points lower volatility compared against equities.

Global utilities

In Europe, ENGIE CEO Isabelle Kocher said in February that the company plans to sell $6.8 billion of assets in the next three years as it focuses its investments on energy services, renewable energy and infrastructure. The company has sold $16 billion of mainly

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