- December 1, 2021: Vol. 14, Number 11

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Supporting natural gas is key to a cleaner world

by Dave Noakes

Though renewables are seen by some as the only option for a sustainable future, investors need to recognize the realities of global energy demand and the long-term role natural gas assets will play in delivering on economic, societal and environmental goals.

The transformation to a more sustainable energy future continues to gain momentum as companies, individuals and governments from around the world come together to accelerate their collective efforts toward building a world of lower emissions. Renewable energy will be fundamental to this vision; however, the critical role of natural gas and its related assets, both in the short and long term, should not be overlooked.

The current “energy crisis” in Europe and Asia may spill over into a global gas shortage in the coming months amid rising concerns that supplies will not be able to meet demand this winter. We are witnessing that in our own portfolio, from our U.S. gas gathering business, where production is down d

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