- August 1, 2021: Vol. 14, Number 7

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Infrastructure’s long coattails: More participants are entering the market, creating opportunity and challenges

by Chris Anderson

Infrastructure is known for its resilience, and has even continued to perform against the backdrop of the pandemic. While other forms of investment have struggled, infrastructure has largely endured, increasing its appeal and attracting new players looking to ride the tailwinds. So what exactly does this mean?

Irene Mavroyannis, managing partner and global head of Private Capital Advisory, Infrastructure, Renewables and Sustainability at Sera Global, explains how the pandemic has been a factor. “It allowed infrastructure to demonstrate its resilience, as well as its other characteristics, which are very uncorrelated to other markets, particularly the equity market,” she says. “It’s defensive, has steady cash flows and isn’t volatile, so now you’re seeing a large number of investors either considering entering into infrastructure or reallocating funds from other portfolio allocations.”

As Jed Drake, research consultant, real assets at NEPC, observes, infra

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