- Fall 2008 Vol. 1 No. 3

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Building the Case for Social Infrastructure: Government Budget Crunch Could Be Catalyst for Emerging Subsector

by Alexis Petrakis

As an established blueprint for public-private partnerships migrates to the United States and elsewhere, opportunities to participate in social infrastructure investing are on the rise. Although this should open the door to investments with characteristics that hold great appeal to many long-term investors, there is no denying that these are still development projects that require careful handling to mitigate risks.

t’s not exactly new but certainly not old hat either. In fact, many institutions would readily admit they are neophytes when it comes to infrastructure investing, often classifying it as its own alternative investment and just as often a component of a diversified real estate portfolio. So when you start discussing social infrastructure as a subsector of this emerging asset class you may elicit a glazed-over look or even a roll of the eyes. Yet the nuances and differences that characterize social infrastructure reveal precisely the type

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