Hull Street Energy affiliate to transform coal-fired power plants
Transactions - SEPTEMBER 13, 2023

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Hull Street Energy affiliate to transform coal-fired power plants

by Kali Persall

Texas-based Energy Transition and Environmental Management (ETEM), an affiliate of Hull Street Energy, has completed a series of transactions to facilitate Energy Harbor’s divestiture of fossil-fueled, electric-generating assets and associated liabilities.

ETEM is an energy-transition and liability-transfer company focused on acquiring, remediating and repurposing fossil-fired electric generation. In December 2022, ETEM acquired the Pleasants Power Plant, a 1,280-megawatt coal-fired power plant in Pleasants County, W.Va., from Energy Harbor. In August 2023, ETEM sold the Pleasants Station to a California-based company that intends to retrofit the Pleasants Station to burn hydrogen gas produced at the site.

On Sept. 8, ETEM acquired the W.H. Sammis Power Plant, a 2,220-megawatt coal-fired power plant in Stratton, Ohio (Sammis Station), and the Hollow Rock Landfill (Hollow Rock) from Energy Harbor.  ETEM expects to demolish the structures, remediate environmental cond

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