Danish pension fund ATP posts 2023 return of 5.5%
Investors - FEBRUARY 12, 2024

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Danish pension fund ATP posts 2023 return of 5.5%

by Lewis Dayton

ATP, a pension fund in Denmark with 5.6 million members, reported a 5.5 percent return for its investment portfolio in 2023, a significant turnaround from its –40.9 percent return in 2022.

“ATP is in a good place," said Martin Præstegaard, CEO of ATP. "Our investment portfolio produced a solid result in 2023 after large fluctuations in both positive and negative directions in the previous years. We are true to our investment strategy and think long term as an investor. Over time, we believe that our investment approach will ensure the members get what we were created to provide: as high a pension as possible while also at the same time ensuring that the pension is predictable, guaranteed and lifelong.”

The strong performers were in government and mortgage bonds, which yielded a return of DKK 4.9 billion ($710 million), and listed equities, which generated a return of D

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