IREI : LIVE — How environmental and social aspects of ESG can create enhanced value for investors

The following IREI : LIVE webinar is on ESG and will focus on how environmental and social aspects of ESG can create enhanced value for investors. We will examine challenges and provide practical solutions for you. This webinar is broken into two parts, each featuring a group of expert speakers. Below you will find the agenda highlighting content for each discussion. (11/2022)

Session I: The "E" of ESG: A foundation of value and returns for all stakeholders

  • Define net zero. What is its potential impact, and what do investors need to keep in mind to evaluate targets and benchmarks?
  • Building a foundation: How does design and acquisition due diligence set the stage for future value creation?
  • What are the real estate strategies related to energy, water and waste management to enhance value?
  • How do energy, water, and waste tracking and management drive value and returns?
  • What's the bottom line to create an environment where "E" will drive value and returns for all stakeholders?

Session II: The "S" of ESG: How it creates a virtuous circle for all stakeholders

  • How is the "S" of ESG implemented across real estate asset classes?
  • Examine how and why sponsor-level leadership is key for "S" to have impact
  • Review how social impact and DEI programs can create a competitive advantage
  • Learn how physical assets can support social-impact strategies
  • Find out about industry examples of how social-impact strategies are working, and find examples of how industry has fallen short, as well, so we can improve moving forward
  • A review of how and why the "S" of ESG creates a virtuous circle for all stakeholders

Loretta Clodfelter
Senior Editor, Institutional Real Estate Americas
Institutional Real Estate, Inc.

Phil Carmody
Head of ESG and Corporate Programs

Jim Farris
Co-Founder & CEO
Mosser Capital, LLC

Kaylee McCall Correa
Managing Director, Capital Markets

Dr. Suzet McKinney
Principal and Director of Life Sciences
Sterling Bay

Adam Slakman
Vice President, Global ESG

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