1031s: An Update & Outlook

This webinar is hosted by Real Assets Adviser and ADISA. It gives a 1031 industry overview and a legislative update on issues facing 1031s and share predictions. ADISA also shares their history with 1031s and discusses the scope of 1031s to Congress. Plus, highlights from the upcoming October Real Assets Adviser feature article titled, “1031 by the Numbers.” (08/2021)


Brooke Heffington
Managing Director
Real Assets Adviser


Brandon Balkman
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Orchard Securities

John Harrison, DBA
Executive Director

Thomas Rosenfield, JD, CAE

Poll question results from this webinar:

What is the approximate number of available 1031 exchange offerings? 59

Rate your level of understanding of the current situation in Congress regarding 1031s from 1 to 5, with 5 being very well informed:
5 – 11%
4 – 30%
3 – 36%
2 – 11%
1 – 11%

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