Jennifer Dohrmann-Alpert

Jennifer Dohrmann-Alpert

Managing Director, Real Assets Adviser

+1 925-244-0500, ext. 134

Jennifer Dohrmann-Alpert serves as the Managing Director for Real Assets Advisor and is responsible for business development, client services management and all new products, services and events related to the Real Assets publication.

Jennifer has a diversified work history with strong ties to the hospitality, tourism and real estate sectors. She has a long tenure working as a real estate development consultant with significant experience analyzing the demand for hotels, resorts, recreation oriented and public use facilities within the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America.

Ms. Dohrmann-Alpert received her B.A. in Spanish and International Business from Georgetown University. She earned a double Masters from Cornell University's School of Hotel Management and its Institute for Public Administration. She is a fluent Spanish speaker and has lived and worked in Costa Rica, Mexico, Italy, the United Kingdom and Puerto Rico.

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