Dr. Randall Zisler

Dr. Randall Zisler

Director of Research

310-560-1192 rzisler@zislercapital.com

Dr. Randall Zisler serves as director of research. He holds an undergraduate degree, two of his three master's degrees and his Ph.D. from Princeton University, where he was a professor and taught economics and finance. In addition to Princeton, he has lectured at Harvard and Yale, among other universities.

He was Executive Director and Head of Real Estate Research at Goldman Sachs & Co., Managing Director at Nomura Securities International in CMBS, Partner at Pension Consulting Alliance, and Managing Director and Co-Head of investment banking at Jones Lang LaSalle. Zisler has advised many developers and large family offices, and he was Chief Investment Officer to Merv Griffin, the entertainer and investor. At Pension Consulting Alliance, he was Real Estate Adviser to governments, pension funds and sovereign funds, including the U.S. Department of Labor, the Government of Singapore, IBM, AT&T and the California Public Employees' Retirement System. He has advised many investment banks, public and private REITs, private equity funds, and developers around the world.

Zisler has consummated more than $5 billion of equity and debt transactions and written more than 100 papers on real estate finance, strategy and capital markets. He is well known for his many public presentations on real estate investment strategy.

He remains chairman of Zisler Capital Associates, which has also become a strategic partner of iREOC.

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