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NFI-ODCE Index 2022 In Review & What's Next

If you're benchmarking to ODCE, or your funds and/or separate accounts are benchmarked against ODCE, or if you're looking for a suitable benchmark to help your clients evaluate the performance of your recommendations, you'll want to watch this important quarterly update series. You'll learn how the composition of the index is changing, the forces driving those changes and gain a better understanding of the contributions each property type and geographic region has been contributing to performance. You’ll also see how…

Leste Group's Jordan Suppan on the current real estate financing market

Jordan Suppan, managing director, U.S. real estate credit at Leste Group, discusses what cities/geographical areas are showing the best opportunity for real estate financing, an update on the construction financing market and if investors/managers focusing more on construction financing, which property types are finding it easiest or most difficult to get financed and more. (03/2023)

Portfolio Advisors' Jeffrey Cho on the real estate secondaries market

Jeffrey Cho, managing director at Portfolio Advisors, discusses the latest developments in the real estate secondaries market and what that might indicate about the current real estate investment market, the expectations for the real estate secondaries market in the year ahead, how LPs might use the real estate secondaries market to manage their portfolio and more. (03/2023)

2023 Outlook: Trends and challenges

An outlook of trends and challenges for 2023, featuring insights from Carl Boswell, National Real Estate Advisors; Jim Costello; MSCI Real Estate; Ron Miller, The Amherst Group; Ben Maslan, RCLCO Fund Advisors; Brendan MacDonald, StepStone Real Estate; and Ike Alder, Utah Retirement Systems. (03/2023) Participants shared their views at IREI Springboard and the iREOC Membership Meeting in October and November, 2022.

The Green Cities Company's Lauren Winkler on how decarbonization can provide value for investment managers

Lauren Winkler, senior director of ESG at The Green Cities Company, discusses why decarbonizing the portfolio is valuable for investment managers and provides key takeaways for managers looking to integrate decarbonization into their strategies. (03/2023) For a more in-depth take on this topic, read Lauren's article, "Clean air, one building at a time," which appeared in the March issue of Institutional Real Estate, Americas.

Shrinking office attendance and its impact on business district retailers

Christine Mastandrea — COO of Whitestone Real Estate Investment Trust, which owns, develops and redevelops e-commerce-resistant neighborhood and lifestyle retail centers — lends us her voice and expertise in discussing the domino effect that office sector travails are having on the portion of the retail sector that has colonized around office buildings in financial and business districts. (02/2023)

The hottest U.S. apartment market of them all

Multifamily has been hot for years, and some markets hotter than others. But what is the hottest apartment market of them all? Shakti C’Ganti, founder and CEO of Ashland Greene Capital and former investment banker at Lehman Bros., says there is one market that has risen above all other, based on five key drivers. He joins the program to identify that market and explain the measurements used to assess its supremacy. (02/2023)

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