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An assessment of the revived U.S. retail market

Annie Malo, a partner with the law firm Holland & Knight LLP, represents tenants and landlords in her retail practice and has been witnesses a post-pandemic boom in U.S. retailing. This comes after years of investors treating the sector as though it were kryptonite. (03/2024)

The overlooked and high-performing apartment markets of the Midwest

Ben Young, CIO at Buckingham and a former managing director at BlackRock in New York, is now stationed in Indianapolis and has much to say about the friendliness, work ethic and general ethos of Midwesterners — and the grand investment opportunities in the so-called Fly-Over States. (02/2024)

Inside the Edition: Women in real estate — from the ‘pink ghetto’ to female executives sharing stories of their emergence

Loretta Clodfelter, editorial director of Institutional Real Estate Inc., wrote a feature story 14 years ago based on a report titled Cloistered in the Pink Ghetto. The paper, authored by Nori Gerardo Lietz of Areté Capital, decried the scarcity of women executives in the real estate business. Fast-forward 14 years and much has changed, as documented in the new feature on the subject appearing in the March 2024 issue of Institutional Real Estate Americas. Clodfelter explains during this episode. (02/2024)

The Dohrmann Report: February 2024

Geoffrey Dohrmann, founder and CEO of Institutional Real Estate, Inc., expounds on the U.S. housing shortage, water, property insurance, homelessness and the impact of negative media coverage. (02/2024)

Geoffrey Dohrmann and Brandon Sedloff on the evolution of institutional real estate

Geoffrey Dohrmann, founder, chairman and CEO at Institutional Real Estate, Inc., sits down with Brandon Sedloff, managing director and SVP at Juniper Square, on The Distribution podcast to discuss the evolution of institutional real estate, the potential for a pension fund crisis and his predictions for 2024. (02/2024) Listen to the interview here:

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