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Inside the Edition: Foreign commitments and catching tans in the Sun Belt

Loretta Clodfelter, editorial director of Institutional Real Estate Inc., summarizes a pair of features from the newly published July edition of the magazine. Namely, how U.S. investors are weighing risks and returns when considering investments overseas, as well as a report about how markets in the U.S. Sun Belt continue to radiate long-term stability despite some gathering threats. (06/2024)

Report from Europe: Bringing logistics back to the continent

European manufacturers are coming home, and Marek Handzel, editor of Institutional Real Estate Europe, reports on the trend during this episode. Call it “reshoring” or “nearshoring.” Faced with geopolitical turbulence, rising pressure to do business more sustainably, volatile energy prices and extreme weather, many firms are looking now for the lowest landed risk. (06/2024)

Webinar: European listed real estate market trends and corporate results 2023–2024

Institutional Real Estate, Inc. and EPRA present the next of their quarterly series providing a comprehensive analysis of key aspects shaping the European listed real estate sector. Discussion includes the main trends in the corporate results for the European property companies in 2023-2024, economic and market context, recent FTSE EPRA Nareit indexes performance and expected trends for the rest of the year. (06/2024) Moderator: Marek Handzel Editor, Institutional Real Estate Europe Institutional Real Estate, Inc. Speakers: Ana Escalante Property Equity Research…

The Dohrmann Report: June 2024

Geoffrey Dohrmann, founder and CEO of Institutional Real Estate, Inc., discusses the plethora of new and existing features provided by the IREI.Q database and the many ways they can be used by institutional investment professionals. (06/2024)

Report from Asia: The case for investing in the continent’s real estate assets

Given the sharper price corrections in the United States and Europe, does Asian real estate still merit a place in investor portfolios? Chiang Ling Ng, chief investment officer for Asia at Hines, believes it does, and she reasons that allocations to Asian real estate plays a valuable role in diversifying a global investment mix. Indeed, the region is poised to generate a spectrum of opportunities as a result of secular growth trends, she says. (06/2024)

Entrepreneur takes coffee and printing services to apartment complexes

Jonathan Treble, founder and CEO of WithMe, Inc., had trouble printing concert tickets years ago, a frustration that led him to start a new company that evolved into tech-enabled services for apartment buildings — and maybe even a competitive edge for apartments taking advantage of the services. Who knew coffee and printing services could become a significant play? And more services are apparently on deck. (06/2024)

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