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Farm bankruptcies at the highest level, AI tech farm to address struggling issues

by Andrea Zander | Nov 18, 2019

An artificial farm located in North Dakota, a farm state (90 percent of North Dakota’s land is devoted to agriculture), aims to address several issues facing North American farmers and rural communities today: a skills gap, a lack of venture capital across rural America, and a farm labor shortage.
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UPS and HerdX deliver blockchain-verified beef from U.S. to Japan

by Released | Nov 11, 2019

UPS has collaborated with HerdX, a U.S.-based agritech solutions provider, to deliver blockchain-verified traced beef from a U.S. farm to Japan. The delivery represents a significant step forward in quality assurance and traceability in the beef industry.
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Precious metals rally in 2019

by Larry Gray | Jul 10, 2019

After a prolonged malaise, precious metal stocks have regained some of their luster in 2019. Gold and palladium prices have marched higher; gold has soared to its highest price since 2013, while palladium has spiked to record highs this year.
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Another cannabis ETF launches

by Andrea Zander | Apr 18, 2019

AdvisorShares Pure Cannabis ETF has plans to launch a new exchange-traded fund focused on marijuana stocks with plans to undercut competitors.
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