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Infrastructure in the 2020s: economics, environment, geopolitics

by Benjamin Cole | May 1, 2023

For centuries, building and investing in infrastructure was primarily about developing the sinews of economic growth, such as the canals, railroads, highways and ports. Founding father Benjamin Franklin’s first claim to fame was in 1737 when, as postmaster general of Philadelphia, he earned admiration for improved service through better postal roads, eventually linking Philadelphia mail to New York City with a 24-hour turnaround time.

Deteriorating roads and bridges are costing U.S. drivers

by Kali Persall | Apr 7, 2023

Aging roadways are costing American drivers — literally. QuoteWizard, a U.S. insurance comparison platform, recently released a study titled States with the Worst Road Infrastructure, which found that deteriorating roads and bridges cost drivers an average of $556 every year in repairs, and in some states, nearly $1,000.
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