Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

September 1, 2013: Volume 5, Number 8

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Asia Pacific

What’s up with China?: Is slower growth going to push Chinese investors into foreign markets?

The past few months have seen a flood of research reports predicting slower growth in China. At the same time, well-known China perma-bears changed their views and prognosticated that despite economic trouble China will survive and may even continue prospering. Some of the numbers were puzzling, and I wanted to sort out what consequences these scenarios may have for real estate investment opportunities in China and a possible flight of Chinese capital into foreign real estate markets.

Asia Pacific

Number of new real estate investment funds drops again

During second quarter 2013, investment managers launched 35 new real estate funds, a drop of six funds from the 40 that began marketing in first quarter 2013, according to Institutional Real Estate FundTrackerIt seems the rollercoaster ride of fund launchings is still a ride that investors and managers cannot get off. However, this low amount is not quite as drastic as the drop in new funds recorded in fourth quarter 2012 when only 29 funds entered the market.

Asia Pacific

Listed property companies rebound in July

Asia pacific listed real estate companies, along with global real estate companies, rebounded in July after a difficult second quarter, with the markets providing positive total returns of 1.2 percent and 2.1 percent, respectively, according to SNL Financial, with regional returns denominated back to US dollars and country returns in local currency. 

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