Institutional Real Estate Europe

September 1, 2022: Vol. 16, Number 8

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Remaining resilient: The market environment for properties has changed in recent months, but a look at the past shows that there is no cause for concern — yet

After being too low in recent years, as many economists believe, the picture for  inflation  has  reversed  completely in the past few months. The inflation rate in Germany was estimated to be 7.4 percent in April, the highest level since the 1980s. How does property rental income perform during a period of high inflation such as this?


The art of repurposing: Shifting urban landscapes, housing demand and decarbonisation are leading to a growth in adaptive reuse across the globe

Reimagining, rebuilding and repurposing real estate has always played a key role in investors’ ability to create value. In today’s post-COVID world, however, the ability to change a property’s use has taken on a new level of importance. And it is adaptive reuse, specifically, that is rapidly becoming a central element of the repurposing toolkit.

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