Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

October 1, 2021: Vol. 14, Number 9

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The potential for partnership: The Biden infrastructure bill opens the door for government to engage with the private sector in innovative ways

In the Biden era, and the Obama era before that, making the case for an expanded government role in America’s capitalist economy has been a priority. President Obama’s quip “you didn’t build that”, referencing how business and the private sector piggyback off government investments in infrastructure, education and research, struck both a chord and a nerve, and got to the heart of one of the country’s fundamental debates: What are the appropriate roles of government and private enterprise?


A Conversation with Ron Fleming with Drew Campbell

In Part II of i3’s interview with senior editor Drew Campbell and Ron Fleming, chairman, president and CEO of Global Water Resources, the discussion focuses on the question of investors transacting in water infrastructure and the key pillars investors should look for in a successful enterprise. The first part of the interview published in the July-August issue of i3.


A cautious post-pandemic recovery: As the sector recovery gathers pace, global infrastructure is adapting to new pandemic-induced realities

Just over a year ago, COVID-19 plunged the world into severe economic downturn as governments across the globe turned to lockdowns and mobility restrictions to tackle an unprecedented public health threat. The pandemic has left its mark on credit conditions — in 2020, we took negative rating actions on 27 percent of our corporate and infrastructure ratings and slightly less than 20 percent of project finance ratings.


The data revolution: It’s time for real estate investors to embrace digital infrastructure

The increasing use of data continues to transform businesses and consumer behavior around the world. Whether it is the rollout of 5G, the growth of ecommerce, our increased reliance on the cloud or the development of artificial intelligence across industries, our need for data is always increasing, as we have seen in the management of our energy assets, or greater connectivity in the workplace and at home.

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