Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

October 1, 2018: Vol. 10, Number 9

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Asia Pacific

Merging lanes: It has never been more vital to align property assets with infrastructure developments. But what does that mean in practice, and what are the implications for investors’ portfolios?

There has always been a fine line between real estate and infrastructure, but these days, it’s looking increasingly blurred. Ask most commentators about this shifting boundary and the message is broadly the same: There has never been a more important time for investors to scrutinise the two asset classes and weigh their respective benefits at a portfolio level.

Asia Pacific

Anatomy of the return: Benchmarking Asia Pacific’s core open-end funds

Historically, institutional investors looking to invest in core open-end vehicles have had limited opportunities in parts of the Asia Pacific region. With the increasingly-global nature of real estate and the growth of local capital, however, demand has been growing for core investment options in the region. The launch of several new core funds in Asia in recent years is testament to this and could be a sign of changing perceptions in the region.

Asia Pacific

10 years on: ANREV marks organisational and industry milestones

It’s best to stick to the facts, which reflect growing interest by investors in the Asia Pacific region, evidenced by a broad range of investment activity, albeit against a steady rumble in the background of concerns over Brexit, a certain tweeting president and the tick-tock of the property clock.

Asia Pacific

Macro issues drag on Asia Pacific property stocks in August

Asia Pacific property stocks continued to struggle in August as more macro issues — heightened trade-war tensions and a decoupling of once synchronised global growth — gave way to additional issues of emerging market currency weakness and indications of some economic slowdown in China.

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