Real Assets Adviser

November 1, 2014: Vol. 1, Number 2

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Designing DC Menus with Inflation-Hedging Strategies

Today, inflation is tame, and the voices of monetary hawks have been drowned out. Nonetheless, when it comes to investing for retirement, consultants concur: Inflation is one of the greatest risks, and inflation-fighting assets should be part of retirement portfolios.

REITs Can Provide Real Diversification

Commercial real estate is a fundamental asset class that should be part of every investor’s portfolio, and stock exchange-listed equity REITs provide an effective and efficient way of achieving diversification to potentially increase long-term portfolio returns and reduce portfolio volatility through ownership of income-producing real estate.

Time Tested: Norman Boone has seen much in his two decades as an RIA, and he is keen on coaching the profession to the next level.

What strikes you first about the offices of Mosaic Financial Partners in downtown San Francisco is the number of framed Worth magazine covers hanging on the walls throughout. This is a visual reminder that Mosaic’s founder, Norman Boone, is one of only three advisers to have been named among the nation’s best financial advisers in each of the 14 years the esteemed list was published. Today, Mosaic’s staff of 18 serves some 260 clients and oversees about $625 million in assets under management.

Back in the Fast Lane

Toll road investors have traveled a rocky road of late, but experts believe the future holds promise. Proposed federal legislation that will allow states more flexibility in establishing toll roads to collect revenues for repairs and improvements and expanding innovative financing tools should help boost toll road construction and operations.

Core Assets

Producing energy is a core asset. From cellular division, which is fueled by nourishment, to the growing of food, the cleaning of water and the building of shelter, energy (in the form of oil, gas, coal, wood, fire, sunlight, waves or wind) is required for every living thing on earth to survive and prosper.

Non-listed REITs: The Evolution of Income

Many investors continue to recalibrate their portfolios to withstand historically low interest rates and a fickle stock market. And with some 10,000 baby boomers retiring daily, it is easy to see why so many are embracing income vehicles such as non-listed REITs to sustain and fund their lifestyles into retirement.  As a result, in recent years the demand for non-listed REITs has surged.

'Fit' Is Equal to Valuation in Business Sales

When evaluating the merits of a proposed business sale transaction, it is unfortunate how often analysts, dealmakers and investment bankers discount the importance of cultural and personal fit, especially one that requires the approval of a founder. Would-be buyers need to make a strong case that a deal is in the best interest of the owner’s family and/or the company’s long-term viability.

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