Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

May 1, 2015: Vol. 8, Number 5

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Social engagement: Thanks to a landmark courthouse project, social infrastructure P3 projects are commanding greater investor attention and schools, hospitals and other sectors could be next

Social infrastructure P3 projects in the United States may be the next frontier for institutional investors. The pioneers on this frontier are now busy forging new paths that will make the road to success more predictable and stable for those who follow. While P3 projects for social infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, student housing, courthouses and prisons have a longer track record in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, in the United States such projects only recently have been seriously contemplated.


Into Africa: Investors find opportunity in a growing number of countries but challenges remain

The search for higher returns, Africa’s attractive GDP and demographic growth — and the acknowledgement that there must be external sources of infrastructure investment for that growth to continue — has led to a certain optimism among many investors looking at Africa. The trends are creating interest, but it is guarded optimism. Institutional investment in Africa infrastructure is still modest and barriers to investment, while improving, still exist. 


Here is what is on tap for infrastructure

The editorial team at IREI just wrapped up the editorial calendars for the second half of 2015. Each year, the process of setting the topics for feature articles begins by reviewing the discussions at our annual Editorial Advisory Board meetings, where our publication sponsors and board members get to learn what issues and objectives drive the thinking and decision making of the investors at our meetings. 


Infrastructure securities down in first quarter: Sectors with more growth outperformed higher yielding, but slower growing sectors

The MSCI World Index returned 2.5 percent for the first quarter of 2015, with strong returns from Asia Pacific (7.7 percent) and Europe (3.6 percent) tempered by underperformance from North America (0.9 percent). Global infrastructure securities underperformed the MSCI World Index during the quarter, returning –1.7 percent. There was significant divergence among infrastructure sectors during the quarter. 

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