Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

March 1, 2021: Vol. 14, Number 3

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Infrastructure and COVID: Was 2020 a bad year or the worst year? A first look at the performance of unlisted equity after a year of COVID-19

2020 was a reminder that economic shocks can impact the bottom line of many infrastructure companies, which may also lead to solvency issues in some sectors. It was also a test of the resilience of the asset class. Above all, it was a reminder that asset valuations eventually have to reflect market prices, that is, the value implied by the risks taken by investors.


Running out of gas? Despite the trends showing a movement away from fossil fuels, investors will want to give the asset class a second look

It didn’t take long for President Joe Biden to proceed with undeniable stances on the oil and gas industry in the earliest days of his presidency. On his first day in office, the Keystone XL Pipeline, a project meant to deliver crude oil from Alberta’s oil sands, and something that had already been granted a permit by the prior president, Donald Trump, was quite publicly withdrawn.


Europe's unforeseen renewables problem

Earlier this month, something happened in Europe. It didn’t get as much media attention as the EU’s massive funding plans for its energy transition, but it was arguably as important, if not more. A fault occurred at a substation in Croatia and caused an overload in parts of the grid, which spread beyond the country’s borders.

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