Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

March 1, 2017: Vol. 9, Number 3

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Asia Pacific

The cornered office: Working out the new working world

The way you respond to the current trends in office space — shaped as they are by the advent of shared and flexible workspaces, the greater influence of technology and tech companies, and the demographic surge of millennials occupying an ever-growing slice of the workforce — may well determine whether your business remains a success or ends in failure in the near future.

Asia Pacific

Expect the unexpected: How investors can navigate the winds of change in 2017

The diverse Asia Pacific region enters 2017 with positive momentum. In contrast to the winds of political change in the West, major countries in Asia Pacific are much less likely to be buffeted by drastic shifts in political leadership. Although structural reform needs to occur at a faster pace in a number of countries, a major roadblock in 2017 is unlikely.

Asia Pacific

A call to action: Broadening the market for real assets

Four years ago, the board of Institutional Real Estate, Inc made a strategic decision to branch out to serve a broader market — the professionals advising the individual investor marketplace. The board’s solution was to launch a new publication titled Real Assets Adviser — a publication edited exclusively to meet the educational and information needs of today’s professional financial adviser.

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