Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

March 1, 2013: Volume 5, Number 3

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Asia Pacific

Is Core Still King?: As Core Property's Popularity Grows, a Projected Decline in Returns May Force Wary Investors to Explore Other Options

Core properties are not only king but are becoming more regal, as yields on other assets perceived as safe continue to slide. In a still-stuttering global economy, investors like the steady rents, the security and, in many Asian markets, the prospects for medium- and long-term appreciation of core property. But eventually, market participants predict even risk-averse institutions will start nibbling at more speculative or noncore properties as projected returns on core shrink. 

Asia Pacific

Focus on Asia: What Should Investors Know About Asian Markets?

At the end of January, we had our annual Visions, Insights & Perspectives (VIP) – North America conference at Laguna Niguel in Southern California. As in the past, the conference was well attended and, we had the pleasure of interacting with leading institutional investors and top-notch asset managers.

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