Institutional Real Estate Europe

January 1, 2017: Vol. 11, Number 01

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Investors see promise in the residential housing sec

According to BrickVest, the online property investment platform, the residential housing sector across Europe is set to offer the best real estate investment opportunities over the next 12 months, alongside the logistics and retirement home sectors. Investors are increasingly recognising the opportunities in the residential sector, as evidenced by a number of recent transactions and development completions.


Nothing for ages, then two come along at once

The respective results of 4 December 2016 of the presidential election in Austria and the constitutional reform referendum in Italy unleashed the latest round of uncertainty and volatility in European politics, certainly in relation to Italy, and markets reacted accordingly.


Building blocks: Finding property, researching, evaluating, buying, selling - constructing a real estate portfolio

The scale of the changes underway in the macro environment, from a
slowdown in China, to Brexit, to the shock result of the recent US presidential election, to the risk of other possible shock results in upcoming elections and referendums across Europe has meant that investors are struggling to decide where they should look for value and how best to assemble their property portfolios.

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