Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

January 1, 2015: Vol. 8, Number 1

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Shock, rattle and roll: Midstream pipeline investments can buffer portfolios against energy price shocks and help keep returns flowing

Crude oil’s price drop has grabbed the attention of anyone with a stake in energy markets, or any market for that matter as oil is a ubiquitous part of the entire global economy. Ever since fossil fuels became the global energy standard, the market has been subject to price booms and busts, so today’s oil price drop is not surprising; however, the current decline has a different feel than others because it is being driven largely by an oversupply rather than the typical lack of demand brought on by a stalled economy.


Building for the future: There is much to look forward to, across the board

The past year has been one of tremendous growth for Institutional Real Estate, Inc. And, as has been stated in the “Physician heal thyself” mold, as a media company we’re not always the most proficient in putting forward our own message. This is mostly due to the fact that we are deeply committed to the audience that we serve, the institutional investment community, and don’t take the time to tell you what we’re doing, what we’ve been up to and where we’re headed. So please indulge us as we give you a recap for 2014 and some news about 2015.


Norways SWF may move into unlisted infrastructure before long

Norway’s Ministry of Finance is currently considering whether to allow Norges Bank Investment Management, manager of Norway’s $865 billion Government Pension Fund Global, to finally dip into unlisted infrastructure, including the renewable energy sector and emerging markets, though a final decision will not be presented to Norway’s parliament until the spring of 2016, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Finance.

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