Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

February 2014 Vol.6 No.2

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Asia Pacific

Promised land: Is India's future finally at hand?

With 1.2 billion people and rising living standards, India appears to be retaking its place in the world, admired for its democracy, stable banking system, low levels of private debt, legal system, tech sector, textiles, a massive and growing labour force, and even its movies, as in Bollywood. 

Asia Pacific

Heating up: Cross-border Asia Pacific capital flows are forecast to grow

Asia Pacific is a net exporter of capital in the real estate world, with the flow of funds coming partially from the pools of savings created in the rapid economic growth since the Asian financial crisis that continued through the global financial crisis, and from the waves of capital from western countries in the form of quantitative easing in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe that have been washing through Asia. 

Asia Pacific

Shop talk: A conversation with Graeme Newell

Graeme Newell is professor of real estate investment at the University of Western Sydney in Australia. He recently prepared a major follow-on report for the Asia Pacific Real Estate Association, The Significance of Real Estate in Asian Pension Funds, and presented the findings this past November at the VIP – Asia Investor Roundtable,

Asia Pacific

2014 and beyond: What to expect in the Year of the Wooden Horse

Now that 2013 is behind us, I wanted to revisit some of the important topics that we discussed at our Editorial Advisory Board meetings and conferences in different countries and on different continents that most likely will have significance in 2014 and beyond for investors based in the Asia Pacific region. 

Asia Pacific

Investors cozy up with developers in China

Major Shanghai-based developer Shui On Land Ltd has been quite active with investors of late through sales, partnerships and the corporate restructuring of its business in an effort to pay down its debt and improve its cash position.

Asia Pacific

Public real estate market volatility prevalent throughout 2013

As was the case for most of 2013, global real estate markets exhibited heightened volatility as the markets careened around due to the mixed economic and interest rate environment. With linkages across countries and continents, as well as facing country-specific policy measures, the Asia Pacific region partook in that global volatility throughout 2013 and into December.

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