Institutional Real Estate Europe

February 1, 2010 Vol. 4 No. 2

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Back to Basics: Have Investors Learned Lessons from the Downturn in Real Estate Markets

It’s always the same. For whatever reason, usually to do with human activity and greed and avarice, a bubble forms. As more people find out about what can always only be a false promise of lasting wealth emanating from the bubble and try to get in, the bubble stretches and gets bigger and bigger. Eventually, the bubble can stand it no longer and bursts under the pressure, spilling contents asunder. It is not only the bubble that is deflated; the expectations of the occupants of the bubble, based on that false promise of wealth, are also deflated.


Hang On: It's a Rollercoaster Ride, and Investors Should Prepare for Europe's Inflection Point in 2010

Institutional real estate investors could be excused for feeling battered and bruised after the experiences of the past two years and for being nervous over what the future may bring. We believe, however, that natural caution should not stand in the way of what are likely to be great investment opportunities in 2010, both continuing in the United Kingdom and as continental European markets near a key turning point.


Taking Stock: Dubai World's Debt Problems Are an Opportunity to Look Again at Risk

If there remained any adherents to the efficient market hypothesis, the recent events surrounding Dubai World should finally kill off such dated views. It can hardly be considered surprising that an entity that has in excess of $26 billion (Ä18 billion) of debt — much of it real estate–related — would eventually face some form of distress.

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