Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

December 1, 2009: Vol. 1, Number 11

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Asia Pacific

Looking Back, Going Forward: How Asia’s Real Estate Markets Performed in 2009 and the Questions That Remain for 2010

In the wake of 2008’s global financial crisis, performance in the Asia Pacific region managed to outshine North America and Europe in 2009, but some parts of the region did better than others. As recovery in Asia begins to take hold, shifts are beginning to occur in the commercial real estate market, while efforts to revive faltering economies — from government stimulus packages to regulatory changes — have yet to be fully realized, especially with some markets more dependent on global economic recovery in order to return to a state of growth. Still, Asia’s strengths during this crisis may outweigh its weaknesses, further enabling the region to help lead the global recovery.

Asia Pacific

Positioned for Growth: Opportunities in Crisis for Global Real Estate Companies

There are few — if any — investors who are not vividly aware of the events that have shaken the world’s financial system and economies during the past year. From the collapse in the mortgage market and housing prices in the United States, to the large declines in exports resulting from curtailed consumer spending, to a dramatic fall in GDP in countries throughout the world, waves of bad news have affected economies and confidence to an extent not seen in generations.

Asia Pacific

Shop Talk: A Conversation with Marsha Vande Berg

Dr. Marsha Vande Berg is CEO of the Pacific Pension Institute (PPI), a nonprofit educational organization based in San Francisco that assists pension funds, corporations, financial institutions and endowments worldwide with carrying out their fiduciary responsibilities, especially with respect to Asia and the Pacific region. Alex Eidlin, managing director, Asia, and associate publisher of The Letter – Asia Pacific, recently spoke with Dr. Vande Berg about the evolution and mission of PPI.

Asia Pacific

Food for Thought: Some Questions for the Editorial Advisory Board Meeting

Asia Pacific institutional investors along with real estate consultants, investment managers and fund of funds managers — some of which sponsor our publications — met in Shanghai 27–29 October, at the Hyatt on the Bund, for our second annual Editorial Advisory Board meeting for The Institutional Real Estate Letter – Asia Pacific. While we can’t disclose the specific discussions, or reveal who said what to whom, I’ll share with you a sampling of questions culled from our “food for thought.”

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