Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

April 2011: Vol. 4, Number 4

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No Complaints Allowed: Procurement Is and Will Continue to Be a Painful Process

At the 2010 Institutional Investing in Infrastructure Editorial Advisory Board meeting, the topic of procuring investments, including the RFI/RFP process and performance measurement and evaluation, were discussed. In the following article, the debate is picked up and the questions asked whether standardizing the RFP or RFI process is an admirable goal, or even feasible, and how the introduction of standards for performance measurement and evaluation could help everyone involved.


P3s in the City: U.S. Municipalities Balance Growing Budget Shortfalls with Infrastructure Needs

As municipalities face budget shortfalls, unfunded pensions, and declining revenue streams, city officials are considering public-private partnerships (P3s) to fill financial gaps. Due to municipal autonomy, cities often have their own ability to pursue a P3 even when the state has no P3-enabling legislation. This has expanded the overall P3 market scope and has led to more diverse projects. However, these deals face the same political hurdles at the municipal level that they face at the state level.

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