Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

April 1, 2022: Vol. 14, Number 4

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Asia Pacific

Tech savvy: How proptech is reshaping institutional real estate

Proptech allows institutional investors to better select developments and acquisitions, and understand local and global markets. It also allows investors to closely monitor building construction and management, and to improve tenant relations and services. Proptech helps buildings go green more efficiently or to market for lessees. And, finally, it helps institutional property investors sell, finance and buy assets.

Asia Pacific

Tumultuous times for office: If office properties do not address changes in workplace patterns and wellness concerns in a post-COVID world, they will fail

The office sector has arguably seen the greatest shift produced by the pandemic. Once the go-to investment for institutions with the money to play, office assets suddenly became a pariah thanks to COVID-19. No one wanted to share four walls, sealed windows and an A/C system with a bunch of loosely connected colleagues at the height of a mysterious and scary disease.

Asia Pacific

Future-facing: Shanghai has untapped potential for urban renewal and retrofit

Shanghai is China’s most commercial and dynamic city, and a global megalopolis with a GDP higher than many developed countries. Driven by a mix of industries, its economic base is diverse and durable. Real estate development is being shaped by its evolution into a polycentric city, with distinct neighbourhood characteristics and top-level policy drivers that both support urban renewal and stimulate occupational demand.

Asia Pacific

True colours: It’s all about character

Probably the most important decision you as investors ever have to make are about with whom to associate and work. In making those decisions, of course, it’s not about what potential partners say; it’s about what they actually do.

Asia Pacific

Slight slump in new funds launched in Q4 2021

In the first nine months of 2021, fund sponsors had already equalled the 2020 12-month total for funds launched (156 funds), according to the IREI.Q database. It seems that the amount of new investment funds launched during the fourth quarter are cherries and sprinkles in the overall 12-month total for 2021.

Asia Pacific

CPP Investments, RMZ Corp form second office JV

The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPP Investments) and Bengaluru, India–based RMZ Corp have formed a second joint venture to develop and own commercial office space in India. The total aggregate capital commitment by CPP Investments into the joint venture will be up to INR 26.5 billion (US$344 million) to support the development and acquisition of projects across India.

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